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May 23, 2013


“Lee I’m telling you, “ he was almost yelling at me: “knowing the truth is not a blessing, it is more close to just another test if anything.”

I was trying very hard to find the words, but my English wasn’t nearly as expressive as I needed it often times.

“Anyway, even that is out of the question. Dude, how long since you haven’t got a job? Years, right? You need to get something going.”

He was right I suppose.

We were classmates back in University, and I was better one at the time. And yet he had to squeeze time to see me in this cheap little cafe at the corner of the city.

“Anyway, I really gotta go.” He said: “My piece of advise, as much as I love that story, what you need now is something totally different. I understand your pursue in that script, but I just don’t think anybody at the moment will take the risk of making it. And that’s why all your previous tries didn’t came through, do me a favor and think about it, will you?”

He almost rushed through the door, he had an import social event at the other side of the city. I don’t blame him.

“Your black coffee and a whole wheat bagel.” The waiter passed on the food.

“Dude, you are the only one in the city that will order this same two things every single time. Maybe someday some girl will fall in love with you and your talent and order the same thing everyday, oh and I forgot you’re married. You know, you don’t look anywhere near your age.” The waiter said: “You’ve come here everyday to work on this, what, script of yours? Seems like your friend wasn’t quite impressed with it.”

He was right.

“Dude, I know saying this might hurt your feelings a little bit, but right now we are the same kinda people.” I was the only customer at that moment, so the waiter didn’t have anything else to do.

“We are both without a dime. We are broke. You’re lucky, because you already got wife and kids, and man, you’re educated, why don’t you find something to do? For years I’ve seen you working here on different scripts, I ain’t seeing you making any movies. Dude, I’m wasted anyways, have to work my ass off in this damn coffee shop and without a future, but you? You deserve much better. I just ain’t seeing why you’re stuck in here like me all these years. Know what I’m saying?”

He was right.

I knew the waiter was trying to talk some sense into me, and I couldn’t blame him.

“What’s the time now, shouldn’t you go and get your kids?”

He was right.

I was suppose to leave the coffee shop, picked up the kids, cook the dinner, and wait for ‘our great huntress’ to arrive home.

I walked out of the coffee shop.

“Hi.” I heard a voice. A female voice.

It was Sylvia, I wasn’t expecting to see her here.

We chatted a bit, and I apologized that I really have to go, she mentioned we should talk some other time maybe.


I left seeing her staring on my seat in the coffee shop, with that unfinished coffee and bagel left on the table.

He wasn’t the most hard-working waiter I know after all.


I walked into the coffee shop some days later. The waiter almost run right to me.

“Dude,” He looked almost excited: “who was that girl?”

I said I have no idea what he was talking about.

“Yesterday, after you left, there was this HOT girl came into the coffee, sit right on the spot where you always sit, and order the exact same thing you did. She even said what you always say when order.”

Coffee and Bagel, same old.

“Anyway, who is that? Your admirer? Are you having an affair? I don’t get this, why the hell I never got such a girl admire me that much?”

I think you have a customer.

“Man, you gotta tell me what’s going on, or I might tell your wife. Oh just kidding, you know I wouldn’t do that, and I know you are a better man than that. Affairs? That’s not your thing man. Anyway, can you get me her number?”

I really think you should go.

He left to take the orders of the other customers, mumbling.


Nine years later, during the moment between scenes, Sylvia mentioned that conversion we had in front of the coffee shop.

You shouldn’t have done that.

“Oh well, there is nothing wrong with it. Customer can order anything she wants as long as she pays.”

You are right.

“You know you should have come back earlier.” She said.

“That’s quite some years without a real movie to work on, I don’t know how you get through all that, especially with guys like that waiter all around you.”

He didn’t know me that well after all.

“But you had that much talent in you, while that waiter can’t even spell and consider you and him are the same kind of person.”

I wouldn’t know at the time, I don’t blame him.

“So I decided to play a little trick with him. And it seems it worked out well. He was dazzled.”

Of course, you’re a fine actress, and a charming one after all.

“The scene is ready!” Yelled by someone from the film crew.

Everybody in position, I said.